This Sunday will be an extra special day of worship at Fellowship Church. It will be a day where we focus on children and families. We will begin our worship by hearing testimonies about a very impacting ministry in Arkadelphia called the Pregnancy Counseling Resource Center. This is a Christian based organization that is providing crucial resources to young parents in the Arkadelphia area. Also, we will be given the opportunity to participate in their annual “Baby Bottle” fundraiser. Additionally, we will hear a message from Ephesians 6 on the topic of God’s design for how children and parents honor the Lord by submitting to¬†each other out of reverence for Christ. In between, we will have the opportunity to participate in what Paul describes as a “Spirit filled” event – corporate worship through music. So, come early and stay late. We’d love to put a cup of coffee in your hand and encourage you as you grow to be the disciple that God calls you to be. So, we hope that you will be able to join us at 10 AM on Sunday for a wonderful day of worship at Fellowship Church.

The FC Pastors