Last week, as The Story crossed into the New Testament, we studied the genealogy of Jesus Christ as revealed in Matthew’s Gospel. Through some of the surprising characters in this genealogy, Jared Farley spoke to us about God’s amazing decision to not only include Gentiles in his plan to bless humanity, but to include Gentiles who had a checkered past. From Jared’s teaching about the women mentioned in Matthew’s genealogy, we can learn a lot about God’s heart for all people and about God’s heart for people who have made lots of mistakes. We can all be thankful for this beautiful and redemptive aspect of The Story. This Sunday, we will be looking at the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, and we will learn some more important and encouraging things from the example of Christ. We hope that you can join us this Sunday at Fellowship Church.
The FC Pastors

PS – We will have our monthly intercessory prayer meeting this Sunday at 9 AM in the Family Center. We hope that all K-groups can send at least one representative.