Join us this Sunday as we continue our Sermon Series titled:  Invisible Things in a Visible World

I think you would all agree that we live in a world where Leaders and Authority figures are rarely given respect.  I mean, how can we be expected to show them honor and subject ourselves to their authority when we don’t agree with the things on their agenda.  Our Christian World View is certainly at odds with their Secular World View on so many issues.  But what if I told you that Jesus would have you recognize their authority over you?  That’s exactly what Jesus says in scripture.  If this blows your mind and you are in complete disagreement with the notion of recognizing worldly authority you are not alone.  Come join us tomorrow as we focus on God’s unseen plan to work through all figures of authority on earth.  Warning:  This sermon is going to stretch you and maybe make you feel a little bit uncomfortable.  It already is making me squirm just preparing for it!  Pastor Derrick