To any of you who are in the Arkadelphia vicinity:

On Saturday June 21, Fellowship Church is having its “Arms Around the Nelsons.” For those of you who may have missed the announcements, “Arms Around the Nelsons” is a day to help Neal and Teresa Nelson complete some of their home remodeling projects so that they can get their house on the market. The plan is to meet at the Nelsons at 9 AM (Neal and Teresa live at 1423 Wilson which is several blocks from the Henderson State BCM building). Right now, there are 3 main projects that we need to help complete: 1) Paint and screen front porch, 2) Degloss cabinets and doors, 3) Paint dining room, living room, and hallway.

So, bring your painting clothes and any tools that you think might be helpful. We especially need ladders (both step and extension). Several of us will be there all day, but feel free to come and go as your schedule permits. Let’s do our best to serve our friends who have faithfully served us all these years.

Scott J