Fellowship Church of Arkadelphia is all about connecting with God, each other and the world. We seek to connect with God through biblical worship that incorporates music, prayer, and listening to God’s Word. Our style of worship is blended that leans toward contemporary. Authentic worship is a priority at Fellowship. We seek to connect with each other in our weekly small group meetings known as K-groups. We meet once a week on Sunday nights for fellowship, Bible study, prayer, and encouragement.

Our mission statement at Fellowship church reflects our desire to help people grow as disciples by making key relational connections. The mission statement is stated in this way: To make disciples through transformative relationships with God, each other, and the world. We try to live out this mission by following the example of the early church described in the early chapters of the bible’s book of Acts.

We use a Leadership Team approach to oversee the various ministries of the church. We also love diversity, both ethnic and generational. We strive to be a mission-driven church by financially supporting numerous ministries, participating in local service projects, and supporting our members who participate in national and international mission trips.

If you are interested in connecting with our church, why not visit Fellowship Church of Arkadelphia? Find out what to expect when visiting Fellowship here.