Saturday August 16th

This Saturday is the “big day” for FC and its partners to provide free clothes, school supplies, haircuts, and hotdogs to our community. We will need “all hands on deck” on Saturday morning starting at 9 AM. The event will last until 2 PM and there will be some clean-up afterwards. Please come for as much as you can. Let’s be especially mindful to visit with our guests and to invite them to our church or to one of the other churches assisting with the ministry (folks from 1st Baptist Church and 3rd Street Baptist will be partnering with us on the event). Also, if you can, please bring a large trash can (just bring one of your old cans from home). We need some extra trash cans for the food waste.

Sunday August 17th

Also, after the corporate worship service on Sunday, we will all reflect on Jason Bean’s mesmerizing sermon while chomping on some pizza (church is providing lunch). Following lunch, we need some of FC’s finest to stay and to help us tear out the carpet in the worship center. Specifically, we will need folks to help us move chairs, organize our office closet, clean out our storage closet, and pull up the carpet up in the Worship Center.

Tools needed: Gloves, Pliers, Utility Knifes, 5 in 1 Tools, Brooms.

Our job is to prep the room for the carpet installers to come during the week.

So, a big weekend at FC. Thanks for your faithful partnership with us.

The FC Pastors