At Fellowship Church we use an integrated teaching model of discipleship. Starting in the fall of 2015, FC will be reading “The Story”. So, what is “The Story” you ask? Well, it is God’s story as found in the bible. It is actually an abridged NIV translation of the bible that reads more like a novel. The story includes a narrator who helps to explain and connect the various biblical narratives so that they are easier to understand. There are also Story bibles available for all ages of children. So, this year, Fellowship Church will be reading the bible together to learn about God’s amazing story. A story that reveals his love for people and a story about his benevolent rescue plan for sinful humanity. God’s story is truly life changing, especially when it intersects with our own personal stories. I hope that each of you will purchase one of  “The Story” bibles for $5 at our Grow Resource Table located in our Worship Center and begin reading with us. It will be a wonderful thing to have our church literally “on the same page” every week.  Sunday morning sermons will utilize a focal passage each week from “The Story”. The teaching time on Sunday mornings is designed to inspire and motivate us to grasp the message of God’s Word and then we will unpack the readings and sermons by discussing them in our small groups (called K-groups) on Sunday nights. The K-group time gives us the opportunity to find help in living out what we have come to understand from God’s Word. To sum up, we read a chapter from “The Story” each week, then we hear a sermon on Sunday morning from the week’s reading, and then we meet with our K-groups to discuss and apply the messages learned.